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She is definitely the best, she helped us through out the whole process and made it so easy for us.

As first time homebuyers we had no experience in the home buying process but Ericka explained everything throughly and in simple terms. She always responded my calls and texts and she was always on time for any appointments.she also speaks Spanish so that was a plus. Would definitely recommend 100%.

Miriam Muro

As we say goodbye to our home that housed our blended family, I cant help to think of how more stressful the process of selling and building a home in the middle of a pandemic would have been if I didnt have my amazing realtor and friend Erika Guerrero!

!! We appreciate you more than you will ever know!! Thanks for your guidance and expertise!!

Danica Reid

Erika was the perfect Agent to work with while taking on this new step in buying a house.

She made every step of the way as easy as possible she always made sure we were happy with the decisions we were taking on. She made this experience a great one. She got us in the house that met our needs and wants. I would highly recommend Erika to anyone looking To buy or even sale a house. My experience with her was amazing I know she would do the same for you.

Jose Silva

Erika is amazing!

She has helped me with purchasing and selling. She takes her time to show you quality homes and professional every step of the way. Next sale and purchase will definitely be with her!

Nickea Robinson

Súper profesional Gracias porque lo que andábamos buscando lo encontró muy amable y paciente siempre estuvo pendiente se acomoda a los horarios de descanso de uno para mostrar casas mucha energía le puedo asegurar que lo que buscan con ella lo van encontrar estoy súper feliz encontró la casa que yo soñaba tener.

Ruby Cienfuegos

Erika was amazing throughout this entire process!

! I would absolutely recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell!

Elena Avina

Erika was 100% reliable and responsive the entire time.

She never let us wonder what was going on. Anytime we wanted to view a property she made made sure to make the apt right away. She negotiated on things i never would of thought of. So happy I decided to work with her! In todays market you have to be fast and she is the one for the job! Thank you again Erika!

Vanessa Reed

Muchas Gracias Erika por su gran ayuda después de unos meses que ya no teniamos esperanza en incontrar algo por el FHA si se pudo con su gran esfuezo y trabajo que iso por incontrarnos esta casa para Mis hijos y mi esposo mil gracias por esta hermosa casa les recomendamos A Erika Guerro ella ase todo lo possible para ver a sus clientes felices ?



Erika Guerrero went above and beyond our expectations!

! She did not stop and she answered every single question we had, if we didn't understand she made sure we did. She gave us hope and kept our spirits high when we were in doubt. She never gave up and I'm so thankful we went through her!!! She is the best person you can go through, TRUST, have a laugh with and she gets it done!!! Thank you so much!!!

Kayla Johnson

We were thrilled to work with Erika, she did a fantastic job it was quick, efficient and very professional.

Erika is an amazing realtor, easy to work with and responsive to calls, emails and questions! She knew exactly what we were looking for in a home and instantly found us the perfect home within a few days. We did not hesitate to put an offer in as soon as we were approved. We’re very satisfied with Erika.

Laura Macias

We decided to sell our house back in 2018 we asked for above market value for our home, We decided to go with Erika do to her knowledge of the West Valley in Arizona and her professionalism.

In less than two weeks our house was sold we had a few hiccups with the buyer’s loan and the deal almost fell, Erika worked with both party’s and went far and beyond to make sure the deal didn’t fall, even doing the job of the buyers realtor. This type of service is very hard to find now a days. Fast forward to Dec 2019 we purchased our current home, again we decided to go with Erika to find our new home we gave her a budget of what we wanted to spend and the area we wanted to live in it was a bit challenging for her do to budget and the area.... it was like eating caviar on a pizza budget...... But again she came thru she found our beautiful home in the perfect area, FYI she also have us a very generous gift when we purchased our home, another plus since normally realtors tend to take the commission and you never here from them again. If you are looking to sell or buy Home especially in the West Valley hire Erika.

Tony Valladolid

I was in a situation where I was renting a house and I had to move out by February 29th.

Due to they were going to sell the house. My husband is a friend of Erika’s husband and I called her and told her my situation and it all started from there. Erika did everything she could to help me get a house a become a first time home owner. Not knowing anything about the market on purchasing a house she explained everything to me and helped me understand the steps on buying a house. When it Was time to actually start finding a house Erika was always on time with our appointments and she worked around my schedule so I was never late for work. I was able to find a house I fell in love with and Erika did everything she can to get me this house and I was able to close on my new house on February 21st. I highly recommend Erika to all my friends and family. Thank you Erika for all you did so I can move out on time very appreciated.


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